18 Weeks Pregnant


Although the blood vessels still appear through the skin, the skin is now two-layered, consisting of stratum corneum and subcutaneous tissue. If it is a girl uterus, ovaries and oocytes have formed. If it is a boy, genitals should be clearly visible on ultrasound, although he may hide them. Baby moves actively.


If You wear contact lenses, Your eyes may become drier. Wear the lenses for shorter time. Breathing becomes more difficult as the child begins to oppress the lungs. Other internal organs are also compressed. You need to go to the toilet more often as You experience pressure on Your bladder. Women with repeated pregnancy now begin to feel fetal movements. Your body begins to produce melanin, which is why dark spots may form on Your body.


  • Try to avoid situations where there is a risk of falling.
  • If possible, use the opportunity to visit the dentist. Poor dental health may cause giving birth to a smaller child. Tooth root infection/inflammation may have adverse outcomes to the foetus.
  • Replace high heels with lower and more comfortable shoes. The center of gravity in Your body has changed and it is more difficult to maintain balance.