24 Weeks Pregnant


He or she is 20-30cm tall and weighs 550-650 grams. Baby responds to mother’s mood with his or her movements, and hears external sounds. His or her heart beats 120-150 beats per minute, and can be listened with an ultrasound machine or stethoscope. As the subcutaneous adipose tissue increases, the child looks less and less wrinkled. Baby is becoming more viable, albeit due to immature lungs, the survival probability of premature babies is still low. He or she can respond to your mood fluctuations. Babies can recognize the sounds (incl. music), they heard in the womb repeatedly, even after birth.


The uterus extends above the belly button, and your belly button may pop out. There may be epistaxis (nosebleed) and gingival bleeding (bleeding gums), the latter especially while brushing your teeth. This is again normal during the pregnancy. Additional weight gain will typically helps your child to grow, but still, keep a healthy and balanced eating habits and avoid excessive eating. But dieting during pregnancy could also harm your developing baby and yourself, as necessary nutrients (iron, folic acid, and other important vitamins and minerals) help your baby grow. So just relax!

Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) will be usually repeated during 24-28th gestation week for high-risk women, even if the results were normal in the first trimester. High-risk are women whose body mass index (BMI) was greater than 25 before pregnancy, or who have incurred excessive weight gain during pregnancy, excess sugar in the urine, or macrosomia (excessive growth) of the fetus. Women who are Rh-negative need to have blood test for antibody screen.

Usually doctor will do also a blood test to measure levels of hemoglobin and hematocrit (percentage of red blood cells in the blood) and measure blood sugar levels. From 24th gestational week, urine test is repeated at each doctor’s appointment.


  • Getting your belly photographed is a great way to create special memories of your pregnancy.
  • Visit the dentist if you have not done it yet. There are also benefits for dental treatment and prescriptions to women during pregnancy in some countries.
  • Think through what kind of diapers you plan to use. If you’re not sure whether to prefer disposable or reusable cloth diapers, consult your midwife.
  • Play some nice and peaceful music to your baby.