30 Weeks Pregnant


Baby’s lungs are fully developed, and in case of birth, he or she can handle breathing. You can listen to his of her heartbeats. Baby’s head is now to covered with baby hair. While during 12–23 weeks, the brain had a smooth surface, the development of brain folds is now undergoing and more and more brain cells are forming. The head becomes more elliptical or oval. As the child grows, the skin becomes less wrinkly. He or she is moving actively, although free space in the uterus is shrinking. Soon your baby should turn his or her head down to a vertex presentation. In general, he or she remains in that position until labor. The head is in the right position if you feel the baby strongly kicking or punching your ribs.


Uterine contractions intensify once again, your moods can change rapidly. From 30th gestational week, the fetal position is assessed during checkup. Braxton Hicks contractions intensify nearer the time of delivery, and if you did not feel them before, now you will for sure. You will get tired more easily, and mobility may become an issue. Rest, sleep, or have a light workout (walking, yoga, swimming are good).


  • Try to listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a cardboard tube. You can use an empty kitchen towel tube for that, placing one end of a roll on the stomach, and the other end next to your ear.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects, especially above the chest. Your joints are more flexible and your back can be weaker than usual. If possible, ask someone to help you.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for the birth of your baby. If you prepare your body and mind while you are pregnant, you and also your baby will have a better birth experience.
  • Now, 10 weeks before the expected date of delivery, it would be a good time to stay home from work to enjoy your maternity leave.