34 Weeks Pregnant


Baby weighs 2.2kg, his or her skin is brighter, and has now lost some of the hair (lanugo) and protective white substance (vernix caseosa). All babies have blue eyes at this point, regardless of the color of his or her eyes in the future. The placenta weighs approximately 570g now. While the baby does not have sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat to maintain the body temperature, a baby born at this point is perfectly healthy, almost physically prepared for labor and has more than a 95% survival rate. Although babies born between 34-37 weeks are considered premature (preterm), they are, after some problems in the beginning, completely equivalent with the healthy term infants. Antibodies form in the body of the baby.

By npw, he or she has usually flipped to head down position (cephalic presentation). He or she cvan, however, still continue to change his or her positions, though only if there is plenty of amniotic fluid. It would be best if the baby would turn itself upside down before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Head down position is best for natural childbirth, because the baby’s head passes through the birth canal most easily.


You may feel tired again. If you’ve been sitting or lying down for a long time, get up slowly. Your muscles, joints and connections become slack – the body prepares for childbirth. Contractions are becoming more frequent. Avoid heavy weight lifting. If you have swollen feet and hands, drink lots of water. According to some sources, the anxiety and fear of childbirth, may be linked to the intensity of labor. Try to keep calm.


  • Forget high heels. Prefer soft and comfortable shoes at a low wide heel.
  • If you have more children or other dependents organize their care during childbirth.
  • Go out to a cafe with Your friends and order rooibos tea.
  • Many women feel tired during the final weeks. Try to relax as much as possible to keep the power for childbirth and the subsequent days and nights, when you must take care of your new baby.