37 Weeks Pregnant


Baby weighs approximately 2.8kg and is almost ready to be born. The immune system is still developing and will continue to strengthen and develop after the baby is born. The child will acquire the necessary antibodies also from breast milk later, to fight diseases. There is around a liter of amniotic fluid. While the baby hasn’t got anything to grab, his or her hand grip is already quite strong. The child turns itself towards the light. Although the child’s growth starts to slow down, he or she still collects 10-15 grams of fat per day. It helps to control body temperature and protects the child’s internal organs.


A midwife can tell you whether your baby’s head is already descended into the pelvic cavity. It happens roughly three weeks before the labor begins for the firsttimers. While attending Your midwife or doctor, cervical opening and contractiosn will be checked to predict the beginning of labor. There may be vaginal discharge. In general, it is safe and even necessary to streamline the delivery. But consult with Your doctor or midwife, anyway, because if you have vaginal thrush, you should rule out the possibility of vaginal inflammation – now is the last moment to cure this. mucus plug (fibrous jelly-like substance) is expelled in one fell swoop or piece-by-piece. It might, though not necessarily, be a sign of impending labor.


  • Create a password-protected website for your family and close friends, where you can upload photos and videos of the newborn little citizen. You can also create a secret Facebook group for your loved ones.
  • Review your hospital bag. In case of family birth do not forget to include your spouse’s, partner’s or support person’s things.
  • Prepare yourself for breastfeeding. Get as much info as possible. Whenever possible, feed your baby with breast milk, not with artificial formulas. None of the artificial breast milk formulas can fully substitute breast milk. Do not leave your child without the most perfect baby food! Experts agree that breastfeeding is beneficial and have concerns about the effects of artificial formulas. Some artificial formulas may even violate the child’s digestive and immune system’s as they contain no strengthening natural antibodies. There are, however, a few exceptions, such as when the mother is taking certain drugs, has active untreated tuberculosis or is infected with human T-lymphotropic virus.