40 Weeks Pregnant


He or she expects to get out. Child’s birth weight is typically in the range of 2500-4000 grams and length is typically 47-53cm. You are probably already waiting impatiently for the time, when you can hold your little baby in your hands.


You’ll become a mom soon! Your body is ready for childbirth. If you feel like cramping similarly with your period, just a little more intense, then the labor is close.


  • Learn about ways how to induce labor naturally.
  • Only 5% of babies are born on the exact date prescribed by your doctor. Do not panic, if the baby is not yet born at the end of the week. The pregnancy is not considered overdue before the 41 weeks + 5 days.

41 – 42 Weeks Pregnant

From 41st week of pregnancy, your doctor should monitor you instead of midwife. You should visit a doctor at least once a week. Every time cardiotocography (CTG) is performed, to assess the status of the fetus. If necessary, the ultrasound scan is used to estimate fetal weight and amount of amniotic fluid, umbilical cord Doppler velocity study is also probable. If you haven’t gone into labor and given birth naturally by the end of the week 42, you will be most likely directed to prepare for induction of labor.

If the baby has not born yet after the expected delivery date, it is possible to use a variety of methods for labor induction. You should go to the hospital for the induction of labor no later than 41 weeks + 5 days of pregnancy.