12 Weeks Pregnant


Baby is 5-9cm long, and his or her leg is 1 cm long. Baby is weighing up to 20 grams. His or her internal organs are working, eyelids have developed. He or she has now a recognizable human face. The tiny fetal lungs start breathing. Baby is moving its feet, and often swims around the womb. The baby has a sucking and swallowing reflexes. He or she drinks a little amniotic fluid, and is peeing. Also, it is able to feel pain. The placenta is now fully functioning and operational and acting as fetal lungs, kidneys, liver, digestive and immune systems. He or she is turning head, bending the fingers and toes, opening and closing the mouth and putting a finger in the mouth.


Belly starts to stand out. The uterus is approx. 12-14cm in length, and rises up to the front of the pubic bone. The placenta produces enough hormones, which is why the changes in Your moods reduce significantly and You feel good. Sweat glands become more active. Also, around the breasts may occur small nodes that are actually increased sweat glands. Hormonal fluctuations may still lead to rapid changes in moods, and you could feel the fears and doubts related to pregnancy and motherhood.


  • Create a list of items needed for the baby and the budget for that. Divide the required amount between months and save required amount of money each month. It is more reasonable to buy some things allready now as if you spread them on a longer period of time, the costs are not too to bear.
  • Since you obviously look pregnant, inform your family and loved ones, friends and colleagues.
  • Use the opportunity to spend every spare moment for activities with your spouse or partner, as many of the activities become uncomfortable later.
  • If there is swelling in hands and feet, tell your doctor or midwife. Be sure that your gestational weight gain is within normal limits, and try to eat healthy and versatile food.