11 Weeks Pregnant


By that time all the vital organs of the baby are developed (brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, and intestines) and begin to work. The head is now growing slower than body. He or she has encountered the testicles or ovaries respectively. baby can open its mouth and tongue is developed. 11th week baby reacts to light, noise, heat, touch, and feels the pain. The child becomes more active during wakefulness. He or she is also developing different senses – for example, tactile, and taste. Baby is touching his or her head and has a keen interest in its mouth. Soon he or she feels taste for the first time. Baby’s pancreas produces insulin and kidneys produce the urine. Liver of the fetus, unlike the adult human, produces red blood cells.


Metabolism speeds up 25%, so the calories will start to wear out more. Nausea wears off, your body has an increased volume of blood, you may feel a fever, drink plenty of water and sweat a lot. Saliva can be increased, increasing the appetite. There may be insomnia.

11-13th weeks of gestation are also time for an ultrasound. The duration of pregnancy, number of fetuses, placental location, fetal malformations are reported and nuchal translucency will be measured.


  • Go for swim or a walk.
  • Consume plenty of fluids