10 Weeks Pregnant


This week, the tail disappears. Formation of blood and bone cells. His weight has doubled, the bone structure will take its coorect shape, finger and toe nails emerge. Bones and joints will become stronger. Although the head is still considerably bigger than the body, he or she looks entirely human. The eyelids are closed. The child is already big and strong enough to make its first moves. Touching the uterine wall and pushing it away. You cannot yet feel that though. External genitalia begin to form (an ultrasound scan still can not identify the sex). Her or she swallows amniotic fluid.


Your uterus is the size of an orange, Your breasts become heavy. You want to wear comfortable clothes, classic bra may seem like an obstruction to breathing. High levels of female hormones in the blood affects your mood, and spirit. You are anxious and the mood can change quickly. Trouble with sleeping. You’re going to gain weight, the thyroid gland is slightly increased.


  • Dress comfortably.
  • Join pregnancy yoga class.
  • Speak about your feelings. If necessary, consult a counselor. Try to experience more positive emotions and avoid nervous situations.