9 Weeks Pregnant


He or she has distinct fingers and toes, head is the same size or larger than the rest of the body. Fingers make a fist. There are visible elbows and knees. Cranial nerves emerge from the brain. Baby is still conscious. If it is a baby boy, testicles start to develop.


Chorionic gonadotrophin (a reproductive hormone) levels are not very high yet in blood, but you start to feel the changes – the skin becomes smoother and softer. You may have a stuffy nose and gums may bleed. Your stomach may be increased slightly, but the others do not see it yet. You may feel pregnant and your temper can change rapidly.


  • Find certain time in each day in your agenda, when You only think about Your baby (5 minutes with calm breathing).
  • Pregnancy does not prevent travelling, but long car or plane trips may become tiring. Thus, plan Your trips more carefully than usual.
  • If you haven’t done it already, book your first doctor’s appointment immediately.