8 Weeks Pregnant


From the 8th gestational week a baby is called fetus. He or she is 9-11mm long. All of the major internal organs are now existent. The heart beats regularly, and it can be seen on the ultrasound. The head reminds more and more a human being. Eyelids are formed, while eyes are still far apart. Inner ear devolaps. That is necessary for both to hear and to maintain balance. External ear arises on both sides of the neck. Arms and legs, hands and feet are distinguishable. His or her initial blood vessels are also present, and the circulatory system starts.


The uterus is starting to rise, but it is not yet very noticeable. Breasts are preparing to feed a child. Clothes will start to become too small. You may have experience increased vaginal discharge, which is normal. The sense of smell strengthens and you may become sensitive to certain aromas.


  • If you are working, make sure that all your tasks are safe and allowed during the pregnancy
  • In case of constipation, flax seeds help.
  • drink natural fruit juices (with no sugar added) and non-carbonated mineralwater. Eat in small amounts at regular intervals of 3 hours.