7 Weeks Pregnant


Child has doubled in length. He or she is 7-9mm now. Baby is visible with the ultrasound machine now. The head is positioned higher, and there is a face with eyes (on the side of the head), nose, lips and tongue, as well as the primitive deciduous or milk teeth. Hands and feet resemble small blades with cracks at the ends, which later form fingers and toes. The main organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and pancreas) are also formed. The neural tube that connects the brain and the spinal cord closes. Bone cells start to develop. His or her skin feels a gentle touch. “Tail” will become shorter and disappears during the next few weeks.


You feel tired and drowsy, and need more sleep. Your body is tired of the major change and needs a vacation. Your nipples may darken. You may also notice redness of the palms, which is caused by the increased blood volume. Pregnancy does not appear yet.


  • If you feel nausea, walk in the park or at the seaside. If You’ve lost the appetite, and throw-up more than three times a day, consult with a doctor
  • Avoid contact with irritating odors. Even your favorite fragrance may now cause disgust.
  • Do not forget that you should have an appointment with your doctor by the 8-11th week of gestation. During the visit, the first analyzes and studies take place.
  • Attend lectures about pregnancy or search information about the pregnancy on the internet (use multiple sources of information as some of the information may be incorrect or out of date!).