6 Weeks Pregnant


The child’s movements can be seen with an ultrasound machine. He or she is 5 mm in length and curved as a C-shape. Baby’s heart beat frequency is around 140-150 beats per minute, which is about two times faster than the mother’s. Backbone, spinal cord and blood vessels are emerging. Liver and pancreas are also developing. One can notice spots on the head, which develop into the eyes, mouth and ears. There gastrointestinal tract with abdominal and chest, and vertebral columns are emerging. As well as esophagus and trachea.


You may feel sick in the mornings. You may experience odd taste and odor preferences. This may indicate that If Your Body is lacking certain essential vitamins or minerals. Slight bleeding in early pregnancy may be normal, but sometimes it is also a sign of miscarriage. Consult with your midwife.


  • Do not forget to take your vitamins.
  • If nausea is severe, then eat something dry in the morning, such as bread, biscuits or muesli. Sometimes ginger helps, but large amounts of ginger may cause miscarriage!
  • Uterus begins to compress the bladder, which increases urinary frequency. For pressure reduction at sleeps sideways at nights.