20 Weeks Pregnant


Baby is 20-25 cm tall, weighs 250-300 grams. Fetal heart beats approximately two times faster than mother’s (120-160 beats per minute). The babygirl develops vagina. Vernix caseosa now completely covers the body. His or her movements are clearly discernible, and powerful. He or she may already have a personal daily agenda — baby is often more active at night. He or she trains the body by pushing feet against the wall of the uterus.


Check if your weight gain is within normal limits. In case of overweight, restrict eating sweets. If you are underweight, eat more healthy food. If it is not your first child, you may also notice that the baby is more active than the previous one. Varicose veins may appear on Your feet and legs, legs may be swollen. This is caused by the increasing womb, which interferes blood circulation in the legs. High oestrogen levels may cause formation of pigment spots. Birthmarks and freckles may also darken.

Starting from 20th pregnancy week doctor will question You on the presence of fetal movements, and listen to his or her heartbeats to assess fetal well-being and state.


  • Put a pillow between the legs, while sleeping sideways.
  • Sign up to pregnancy and childbirth lectures
  • Eat iron-rich foods (red meat, poultry, fish, lentils and other legumes, spinach and iron-fortified cereal). In addition to an increased amount of blood, it takes additional iron to grow the baby and placenta. Avoid fish with unknown origin, however, as seafood may contain toxic chemicals.