21 Weeks Pregnant


Baby weighs 450 grams and is ~25cm tall, he or she has eyebrows and eyelashes. Baby swims around actively in the amniotic fluid and sleeps at certain times of a day. Hereinafter You feel more and more clearly when he or she is sleeping, and when awake. Baby is practicing breathing, swallowing, and sucking.


You may experience heartburn, as baby pushes on your stomach. You may also feel that your shoe size has increased.


  • Eat beetroot, broccoli, red beans or any other iron-rich food and drink pomegranate juice.
  • Do not stand up for too long, it may cause lower back strain.
  • Check out the rights of pregnant women (e.g rights related to working conditions, business trips, working overtime), and start planning of your parental leave. Do some research on social security benefits during pregnancy and parents of newborns.