22 Weeks Pregnant


His or her cervical vertebrae is clearly visible. Thin layer of fat tissue is thick enough to keep warm. Eyebrows, eyelashes and hair grow longer. The pancreas produces hormones. The inner ear starts working and he or she can hear outside noise, and has a sense of balance (equilibrioception). Loud noise can awaken the baby from sleep. He or she experiences the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The boy child has testes and start to descend into the scrotum. Now, when the baby has developed nearly five months, his or her immune system is ready to protect him or her from infections.


You feel good mostly. Baby’s movements can be felt, while resting. You may notice that your hair will grow quickly and will not fall off anymore. You gain weight along with the baby and may feel ungainly. Most of the extra kilograms or pounds are, however, necessary for baby to grow. Your fingers and toes may be swollen.


  • Attend childbirth classes, if you haven’t done it already.
  • Talk to your baby. The baby does not not distinguish, however, your voice from other sounds yet.
  • Do not strain abdominal too much. While lying down, turn on the side, before standing up.