4 Weeks Pregnant


Baby has reached the uterus and has implanted in its lining. Approximately 1mm in length, the embryo gets food and oxygen through the blood vessels of the lining of the uterus. Placenta begins to form. It is formed of the lining of the uterus (womb covering its inner surface) and embryonic trophoblasts. Thus placenta is a joint organ of baby and the mother. Umbilical cord connects baby to the placenta.

When twins are born, the division happens in two thirds of cases in the range of 5-9th day after fertilization. If division takes place after the ninth day after fertilization, there is a high probability that they may be born as “Siamese twins”. Twins are born once in 80 to 120 births.


You may still feel as usual. However, you may also feel tired due to ovarian hormonal balance changes. Your sense of smell is perhaps sharpened. You may also experience increased salivation. Some women feel metallic taste in the mouth. Breasts may become fuller, more sensitive, tender and perhaps painful.


  • Allow Yourself plenty of sleep, including naps if possible.
  • Buy some special pregnancy vitamins.
  • If you used to smoke, drink alcohol occasionally, or had some other bad habits, it is indeed the latest time to quit.