Pregnancy calendar: II trimester

II trimester

It is said that the second trimester (approximately 15-27th weeks of gestation) of pregnancy is its best time. Physically, You feel much better than during the initial stages. This is a great time for active recreation. Also, the risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced.

Between 18-22th week of pregnancy You start to feel your baby’s movements. In this regard, You should carefully think on Your future role as a mother. Try to get used to the fact and do not fear to share Your own thoughts and feelings with Your loved ones.

Body weight begins to increase. Keep a balanced diet, and try to avoid the emergence of hunger. Consume plenty of fluids, and eat high-fiber foods (such as whole grains, peas, beans, apples, pears, plums), in order to reduce the possibility of constipation. You should not exaggerate with sweet fruits, however, because they contain large amounts of sugar, that can lead to diabetes during pregnancy and Your baby might also gain overweight. One or two is a reasonable amount of apples or plums within one meal. Weight gain is excessive if it exceeds 15 to 25 kg pr 33 to 55 pounds (depending on pre-pregnancy body weight), and too low if it is less than 6-11 kg or 13-24 pounds.

A slight swelling is possible around the ankles. Buy yourself supporting maternity pantyhose, and, whenever possible, raise your legs higher. This helps to reduce (though not avoid), the possible formation of varicose veins. Posture and balance perception has also changed. There is a higher risk of injuries during workouts.

If you are having nighttime leg cramps in the ankle area, the consumption of calcium or potassium helps. Physical activity is also recommended.

You should have appointments with a doctor in every 4-5 weeks during the second trimester, altogether at least three visits. Commonly you are weighed and interviewed, your blood pressure will be measured as well as your weight gain will be assesed during each appointment. Depending on the duration of Your pregnancy, necessary analyses and studies are carried out.